Zane Mills- Head Start

Overcomer, that is one word that describes Zane Mills, a two year old Head Start Student in Mrs. Sharon Messer’s class. Zane came to KCEOC with health issues that caused him to be developmentally behind, and struggle with everyday tasks, and limited his participation in the classroom.

Three weeks after his delivery Zane developed a golf ball sized knot on his head. It started growing and caused Zane problems in everyday life. They made multiple trips to Lexington and the Corbin hospital to track how fast it was growing. Zane was unable to play with other kids because it could rupture and cause fluid on his spinal cord and brain.

When coming to KCEOC Head Start he was behind in speech. He was not able to talk very well and had trouble with cognitive skills. Zane went to a cosmetic surgeon to have the knot analyzed. They determined it was a Dermoid Cyst filled with fluid. At one and a half years old they were able to remove the Dermoid Cyst, and this changed Zane’s life for the better.

Zane is now able to play with other kids, live a normal life as a child, and it also improved his speech. Mrs. Sharon worked with Zane every day to help him overcome this struggle. Zane will now attempt to say new words unlike before when he only said a few words. His mother Rebecca said, “Mrs. Sharon did a great job. Within a few weeks he was saying more words, and tries to say his colors. He was behind on milestones, but now he is catching up. He is living a normal life and able to be a child.”

After his surgery his mother said that he was more happy, outgoing, and active. Before she could not let him do normal activities like riding a bike, running, or playing. Before the surgery he was fussy, and after his demeanor completely changed. Rebecca said, “He is now so playful. He rolls in the floor, and does everything his brother does. He is also now more interactive with people. Before the surgery he would not go up to anyone, and now he goes to everyone.”

When Rebecca was asked what she would say about KCEOC she said, “They are amazing people. They help out so much, and know exactly how to help the children improve.”