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Youth Homelessness

Ryan’s Place is a Crisis Center for youth ages 18-24 who are experiencing homelessness. There are multiple forms of homelessness such as staying in a place not meant for human habitation, fleeing a domestic violence situation, etc. Ryan’s Place is not a “homeless shelter” nor are we a drug rehabilitation program.

Ryan’s Place History

- Ryan’s Place is named in memory of Ryan White. A former client at the KCEOC Emergency Support Center who tragically passed away at age 18.

- Ryan’s Place keeps Ryan’s dream of having a place for youth to be safe and become adults.

- Ryan’s Place is under a HUD Youth Homeless Demonstration Program Grant.

Services We Offer

- Housing search and counseling service (Finding and obtaining housing)

- Employment services (Obtaining employment)

- Education services (Obtaining GED, applying for college)

- Life skills Training (Money management, conflict management, parenting skills)

- Case Management (Referrals to professionals, assist with obtaining benefits, etc.)

Youth Involvement

- We want our clients involved!

- Youth Voices meetings; a meeting where the Coordinator hears what the clients think. (Ideas to help Ryan’s Place)

- Workshops (Money management, nutrition, Peer Support)

Ryan’s Place Facilities

- Located at 462 Court Square in Barbourville. Next door to KCEOC WIOA Office and The Sapling Center.

- Ryan’s Place is separate from both programs.

- Ryan’s Place is equipped with four apartment units

- Each unit is two bedroom and  fully furnished with a kitchen, appliances and furniture.

- Each client is given bedding, clothing, and essential supplies as needed for their apartment.

- Ryan’s Place also has a laundry room for clients at no charge.

- A common area for the clients complete with full kitchen for group dinners, living area with a TV and furniture, and a meeting area for Youth Voices meetings and workshops.

- A storage room that contains extra donations (clothing, bedding, etc) and Ryan’s Place food pantry for the clients.

Ryan's Place is always accepting in-kind donations to support the current residents. To help you may drop off donations at 462 Court Square in Barbourville, KY. Call 606-595-3785 for more information.

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