Sandra Bargo- Weatherization

Sandra (Bryson) Bargo was born October 22, 1959 in Florida. She moved to Knox County in 1977 to attend college. Sandra made the decision to stay in Knox County after graduating. She started a job in Child Development at KCEOC in 1983. “I worked for KCEOC for 20 years and left to pursue other job opportunities”. I have been married 25 years and have two children, one of them I just loss in December 2020 and I have three grandchildren.

When asked what brought Sandra to KCEOC for help she stated, “I lived in a mobile home and I knew my home needed more repairs than I could afford to do. I thought I would call to see if there were any programs that would help. I didn’t know if I would even qualify for assistance. I spoke to Katrina and she told me what documents I would need to apply. I gathered all the documents and scheduled an appointment”.

When asked about the condition of her home now, Sandra replied “I can tell a big difference, the electric bill is a lot cheaper”. Sandra said she was very thankful and grateful for the program. “It has been a blessing to me and I’m very appreciative,” Sandra commented. Sandra received a new heating system, weather stripping around the doors and windows and insulation. They also replaced carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms and sealed air leaks.

The energy audit prior to the completion of weatherization showed no blower door reading. The post inspection blower door reading was 576.This ensured the home had been well weatherized and was more energy efficient.

Sandra concluded “I am very thankful for the program; I feel like KCEOC is in my blood, I have always loved KCEOC”.