Ricky Napier- Career Center

Ricky Napier was interested in attending CDL training, but he was unable to pay for the course at the time. Ricky knew about the KCEOC KY Career Center Jobsight, and decided to make a visit to seek assistance with enrolling in the program, and receiving funding for the training.

After meeting with his KCEOC Career Advisor, Heather Gibson, she determined that CDL would be a successful career path for Ricky. As an underemployed adult she would be able to assist him in reaching his goal to become CDL certified.

Ricky was familiar with the duties associated with driving a truck and knew exactly what it would entail. He was not a stranger to hard work, as he had previously worked in a coal mines, and held positions in factories. He knew the CDL training would not be an easy venture, but he was ready and determined to achieve the goal he set for himself. That moment is when he set out to reach his dream, and take the step to a better life.

In less than a month, he completed training and obtained his Class A CDL. Once certified, he set out on a search to start his new career. In just a few short weeks, Ricky was hired by Midwest Logistics Systems, out of the London, KY office, and began his truck driving career. He is now earning a self-sustaining income and says, “I am very thankful every day for the opportunity KCEOC provided for me.”

If you are interested in advancing your career, seeking training, or more employment opportunities please contact the KCEOC KY Career Center at 606-546-2639.