Rebecca- Emergency Support Shelter

My name is Rebecca.I had a job, a vehicle, a place to live.The only thing is my rent and bills were more than I was making at my job.So on the 1st of March I was officially homeless.I had to move out of my home.My landlady would no longer work with me on my rent.She wanted me out.I had enough money to put my furniture and stuff in storage.So I kept my clothes and my personal items and they are mostly still in my car.I was seeing a guy that has his own place.The only thing is he likes to party and drink, have a good time.I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay with him, so I made arrangements to come to KCEOC emergency shelter.I was going to check in here on Tuesday.Well, instead of going to work Tuesday morning, I partied with him the night before.

The next morning his dad needed a ride to town to get his car out of tow.He had just got out of jail hisself.I parked illegal on the square at Barbourville.The next thing I know I am being arrested for DUI, 2nd offense.This was Tuesday at noon.I went to jail with a $500 bond.They towed my car with all my clothes and things in it.I stayed at the Knox County Jail until Thursday afternoon at lunch time.I went to court and the judge lowered the bond to $100.Well, I had to have this paid in 24 hours or they would issue a bench warrant.I had no coat, no clothes and nowhere to go.

I called a friend, they came and go me from in front of the court house.I called work but they wouldn’t let me come back, so I lost my job.I came back up here to the shelter.I didn’t know if they would let me stay or not.They finally decided to let me stay on a 24 hour basis.This was the first time I felt like things were going to be alright.Still, they were a lot of rules and guidelines.I went to bed that night dog tired, but I felt okay.I got to take a shower.They gave me clean clothes, a bed, a clean, nice place to stay.

Friday morning I woke up, hit my knees right by the bed and prayed to God like never before.I had a lot to do today.I asked God to guide me through the day.You know, the day went really well.I go the $100 paid, I got my car out of tow without any problems whatsoever.I came back up to the shelter.Deloris and me talked.She said I could stay and she was going to help me get my brakes fixed on my car.That was another thing.I was broke after paying all that money out and my car was broke down on top everything else.

Friday night another lady came in to work the weekend.Her name was Ann.It came a bad snow Friday night and snowed all day Saturday and go really cold Saturday night.Me and Ann cooked and cleaned, watched TV, and just hung out and talked.She was really sweet to me.

Saturday night the guard fell outside on the ice and broke his hip.Ann took care of him and called and I got him help.It is a good thing she was here.Sunday morning it started warming up.Everything melted off mostly.Ann went home Sunday afternoon.I was sad to see her go.

Monday morning I got up, did my chore and took a shower and got ready to take my car to get the estimate.My brakes were really bad, so I left it at the garage.I got a ride from a friend and brought the estimate back to Deloris.She thought at first it might be Wednesday before I could actually get the work done.Somehow, it all worked out and I had my car back by 4:30, fixed and ready to go.

Well, by now I have gotten used to the structure of being here.My life was total chaos before.I didn’t know what was going to happen from one day to the next.I hated to wake up in the morning.

Well, now one week from getting arrested, I feel like there is hope.I have a definite plan.I am going to Somerset to be with my daughter and grand-children.I need to get out of this area, start over with a clean slate.I will start immediately trying to get a job.I’m going to stay on the right track.Everything has been falling right into place.I plan on staying here until this Friday.I feel really good about my future.One week ago I had no idea what I was going to do.Now things look completely different.I feel hope.Thanks to the help of this shelter, I now have the structure and organization I needed so desperately in my life

NOTE: Rebecca is living in Somerset with her family and is doing well.