Pamela Nelson- TBRA

Pamela Nelson came from Chicago July 2016 to Barbourville to escape an abusive relationship with just clothes, her pets, and $400 in her pocket. Taking a leap of faith, and not knowing how she will make it, she took the plunge for her safety.

Once she arrived in Barbourville she was not ready for the difficulties ahead. Once she arrived she rented a trailer in Barbourville. She soon found out the location she was renting was infested with fleas, it was dirty, and in an unsafe neighborhood. After seeing she would not be able to live in these conditions, she quickly found another location that would allow her and her pets. She thought this would be better, but after spending the last of her money to move in to the trailer, she soon realized the situation would not improve.

An area landlord allowed her to move into a vacant apartment at $400 a month with the stipulation that the basic utilities be turned on within 30 days. With no extra income for the deposits she was unable to turn the utilities on within this time span. She was left unable to pay for her basic necessities, did not have electricity or water, and living only on her Social Security Income she had no way now to get either set up. After making contact with her neighbors they allowed her to run a water hose from their apartment to hers so she could fill up buckets, use the water for sewage purposes, and have water for other needs. Also, her neighbors allowed her to run an extension cord from their apartment to her apartment so she could have electricity. Soon, she was not able to use theirs and once again was left with no water or electricity.

She received a final notice from her landlord she had 48 hours to get the utilities turned on or she would have to leave and, at that point, would be homeless. Not knowing what to do or where to turn, Pamela’s cousin told her about KCEOC, and how she had used their assistance 15 years ago when she moved from Chicago. Pamela quickly contacted KCEOC and set up an appointment with Marilyn Coffey to discuss the TBRA program.

Pamela already moved into the apartment so she was not eligible for the program. However, after finding out her living conditions, KCEOC employees tried to find ways to help get her utilities turned on and paid. KCEOC had additional funds and paid $400 of the required electric and water deposits. She was then required to $31 out of pocket, and the utilities would then be turned on.

Pamela told KCEOC that, “I am so thankful for your help. If it wasn’t for KCEOC and Marilyn Coffey’s help I don’t know what I would have done or where I would have been. This gave me relief, a new start, and now I feel like I am back on my feet.” She went on to say, “ KCEOC is the best! You all respect people, don’t put them down, and go above and beyond to help. You really care about people. I am so thankful for KCEOC, all the employees, and everything you all did to help me. Without you, I would be on the streets.”