Mary Swafford- Rapid Rehousing

Mary Swafford and her five children found herself in a situation that many can’t think of or fathom: homeless. After Mary had her twins she was not able to get back on her feet. Her and her children were staying with her mother, which was a difficult situation for her and her children. Difficulties arose, and it started to become worse and worse. Mary began spending a few nights a week in her car with her children. Mary said, “It wasn’t the best for me and my kids, but we didn’t have anywhere else to go. So, I did what I had to do at the time.”

Mary previously tried to receive assistance through KCEOC. However, time restraints and limited availability of housing she qualified for, she was unable to receive assistance. When she was told to contact Beverly Isom regarding the Rapid Rehousing Program, she applied and was accepted. Beverly and other employees worked with Mary and they found a home for her and her children.  Mary said, “I was relieved and ready to move.”  As soon as the application was signed and accepted her and her children immediately moved.

Mary said, “It was a tremendous change. My kids were excited for their own home and own rooms. We didn’t have to live under anyone else’s roof and rules. It helped them a lot. It gave me a break from having to deal with all the problems. It has just reassured me that I can go out and finally say that I am going home.”

“If I didn’t receive the help from KCEOC I would probably be in a homeless shelter with five kids and that is not a situation I want them to be in. I understand that is a place and roof over their head, I don’t want my kids to go through that,” Mary said. Through the Rapid Rehousing Program Mary had the opportunity to no longer worry about where they will rest their head at night. She is now able to begin looking for work, and start her life up again. 

Mary went on to say, “I appreciate the help a lot. It has made me realize that help is out there. You may not know it is there but it is. I used it to my advantage and I got the home. I appreciate everyone that has helped me get where I am at.”