Mary Gallagher- Homeowner's Program

Mary was a participant in the Homeowner Program offered through KCEOC. She wrote into KCEOC about her experience, and this is her story.

"I am so proud to tell my story of how I received a wonderful home through KCEOC. First, I want to give everyone a little background of where I was and how wonderful it was that God used KCEOC in getting me a home.

I divorced in 1984, and I had no one. My mom and dad were killed in a car wreck in 1975, and I used the money from their estate along with help from my husband to purchase a 60 acre farm. I loved it, but when we divorced I lost everything. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t legal, but somehow my husband, with the help of his family, managed to put my two children and myself out with nothing. They had money, I had nothing.

I heard that KCEOC was helping low income people to be able to afford a home of their own. I contacted them and signed the forms to apply for this program. It took some time for them to get to me on the list of recipients, but they did. I had moved and changed my phone number, but they took the time to find me and how grateful I am they did.

When they started the process it didn’t take long to get the home started. I picked a home from a blueprint. Each home has a name; the name of my home is Faith. I could not hold back the joy and the feeling that God had used KCEOC to replace the home that was taken from me. KCEOC worked hand in hand with me every step of the way, and now I have a beautiful home.

I have a three bedroom, two bathroom home. The living room and bedrooms have bamboo flooring. My kitchen, dining room, baths, and laundry room are wonderful tile. The craftsmanship was wonderful and when they said it would be a joy it certainly was. There was a wonderful concrete driveway, sidewalk, all bulbs were furnished and installed, mailbox installed, all I had to do was move in. I can never thank KCEOC enough for all they did for me. How fantastic that there is an organization like KCEOC to help people like I get a home of their own when there would never have been a way for me to have my own home again. And, what a beautiful home they provided me. Also, the relationship that they establish with each client is one on one and they make you feel like you can talk to them anytime you wish.

My payments are well within my income level. I will forever be thankful and so blessed to have had the good fortune to be one of many that KCEOC helped. I am so blessed and so thankful that it is possible, through an organization like KCEOC, for people like me to own and enjoy their own home. Thank you KCEOC!"

This program is made possible by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Kentucky Housing Corporation.