Mary Ann Gallagher- Weatherization

Ms. Mary Ann Gallagher was born and raised in Virginia. Mary Ann married in 1967 and moved to Knox County Kentucky in 1968.  Mary Ann then had two children that she raised alone after she and her husband divorced in 1985. She now has six grandchildren that she enjoys spending time with and watching them grow.

After her divorce Mary Ann was forced to start over with nothing. After years of struggling she came across KCEOC’s Homeownership program. In February 2011, KCEOC built Mary Ann a three bedroom two bath home with a house plan named Faith.  Mary Ann said she saw the house plan Faith and she knew God was using KCEOC to give her the opportunity to get back what she had lost. She was excited to be a homeowner again.

Mary Ann said in March 2018 KCEOC told her about the Weatherization Program. She stated she didn’t think her home was old enough to need such repairs. She say’s after sitting and thinking about it she decided to apply. Mary Ann came in for an appointment and completed her application and was placed on the waiting list. She said it wasn’t long before the evaluator called to do her evaluation. The evaluator went out to Ms. Gallagher’s home and completed an energy audit; the initial blower door reading was 828. This let the evaluator know that her home was pretty efficient but there was still work to be done. A work order was completed and a couple days later, the crew went out to complete the work.

The crew installed insulation, minor repairs on the duct work, sealed any air leaks throughout the house and installed smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector.  They also fixed the vent to Ms. Gallagher’s dryer. The post inspection blower door reading was 597. This ensured that the home had been well weatherized and was more energy efficient.

While interviewing Ms. Gallagher, she stated this program was a God send. She didn’t realize a newer home would need the repairs that were done. Mary Ann said her electric bill had already gone down. When asked about the weatherization program and crew Mary Ann had wonderful things to say. She said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better crew of men to be in her home. They were considerate, well mannered, thorough, hard workers and just wonderful to be around.” She stated that while doing the work her floors got a little dirty and was surprised to see a crew member sweeping her floors. She also stated that the crew members did a great job, and made a tremendous effort to ensure her home was weatherized correctly.  Mary Ann said her home feels safe, warm and ready for winter.