LIHEAP Open Enrollment

An enrollment period for LIHEAP Crisis will run until March 31, 2021. The purpose of the program is to assist households who are at risk of or currently experiencing a home heating crisis. Eligibility has expanded to allow Kentuckians on arrearage payment plans or with late/overdue amounts to apply.

Benefits offered through the Crisis Component are limited to the amount necessary to relieve the crisis with the maximum amount not to exceed the Community Action Agency’s local cost for a deliverable supply of the household’s primary heating fuel or $400 for gas or electric.

Applications will be accepted during the enrollment period, or until designated funds are depleted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Income eligibility for the program is up to and including 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Benefits are paid directly to the fuel vendor in the form of a voucher. Individuals should acquire and submit an application through their local Community Action Agency office.

All applicants will be required to supply the following documentation at time of application:

· Proof of Social Security Number or Permanent Residence card (Green Card) for each member of the household.

· Proof of all household’s (all members) income from the preceding month.

· The account number and name on the account for main heating fuel sources and electric bill.

· Most current heating bill, statement from your landlord if heating expenses are included in your rent, or a statement from utility company if you participate in a Pre-Pay Electric Program.

· Applicants requesting assistance for natural gas or electric must bring a disconnect/past due notice (example: arrearage payment plan, past due notice, termination notice, or final notice). If your rent includes heat you must bring a copy of your lease and eviction notice. Applicants who participate in a Pre-Pay Electric Program must bring a statement from the utility company that shows they have 10 days or less of pre-paid electric service.

For questions contact Shawn Bingham or Angie May at 606-546-3152.