KCEOC Community Action During Pandemic

We walk into the office every morning like nothing has changed although in all of our hearts we know that things have most definitely changed. It was not long ago that walking into a coworker’s office, going out for lunch together, or simply gathering in the hallway for a brief laugh was part of a normal day, and now we realize how different our new normal is.

Through the years the hallways of this Community Action Agency have been filled with laughter, celebration, and even joyous shouting when our clients or co-workers succeed in their goals. There have been many tears shed for clients and co-workers when hardships and difficult times fall upon them. As an agency we celebrate together and we mourn together as a team.

The Community Action Promise states that we “change people’s lives, embody the spirit of hope, and improve our communities”. To all of us at KCEOC this is not an empty promise it is our calling and our call to action. We want to embody the spirit of hope for our community more than ever during this pandemic, and that’s why we are still here.

Serving our community is ESSENTIAL!

In trying times Community Action stands on the front lines to adapt, process, and deliver critical services to people in need. We have joined with many community partners, expanded services and we are committed to remain strong for the people we serve.

As KCEOC employees we stand united (although 6 feet apart) and true to our mission to serve our community and “help people help themselves and each other.” When this pandemic has ended and life as we knew it returns to normal, we will be here to celebrate as the fear and uncertainty slowly fades from memory.