KCEOC CAP Selected by the National Community Action Partnership to win Promise in Action Award

KCEOC Community Action Partnership has been chosen by the National Community Action Partnership Board of Directors to win the “Promise in Action Award.”

The Promise in Action Award is for Community Action Agencies that have worked diligently to uphold their Community Action Promise of caring for the entire community and remain dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other amidst a catastrophe, that are working to build resilient communities that are not only more sustainable, but also transformative and just. The Promise in Action award was granted to only 2 agencies nationwide. KCEOC CAP achieved this award because of the dedication to serve clients and the community no matter what was thrown in the way, whether it was a pandemic, ice storm, or flood- KCEOC’s dedication proved to be stronger than any obstacle.

As President/CEO Paul Dole stated, “When you work in community action, you have to be prepared to serve on the front lines no matter what- we won’t ever stop serving our communities, Community Action is not a first responder, but we are a CONSTANT responder. With appropriate and innovated safety alterations, KCEOC Community Action Partnership was not only able to remain open, but expanded all 26 programs to best serve our community. We all know that 2020 and 2021 have not been easy years for anyone, but we as an agency have thrived, expanded, and more importantly we kept our promise to our community, this award recognizes the hard work of every KCEOC staff member to take care of our clients and community. The people we serve are living in areas that have been hit especially hard by the pandemic, and that was our main concern, we knew that we serve the vulnerable populations that carry the highest risk of infection, and with that- the highest risk of isolation. We knew our community was in danger, not only did we know we had to step in, we wanted to step in- every staff member at KCEOC CAP wanted to do more and more for our clients. KCEOC Community Action Partnership is honored to receive recognition by the National Community Action Partnership board of directors, but we are most grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients.”