Karen Frederick - Weatherization Program

Karen Frederick found herself in a tough spot when the heating system in her home began to fail her. Karen, the mother of two and grandmother of two, shares her home with her daughter and grandchildren. She knew that she had to find a way to get her system working again to ensure her daughter and grandchildren would be warm once cold weather hit. Karen was married for 27 years, but was now widowed. Finances and resources were limited for Karen, but she had learned through a friend about KCEOC and its Weatherization Program.

Karen contacted KCEOC. After meeting with staff and completing the application process, Karen was found eligible for assistance and was placed on the waiting list. Once KCEOC Weatherization Staff came to Karen’s home, they performed an energy audit and found that the heating system did indeed have mechanical issues preventing it from working properly. KCEOC then partnered with Cumberland Valley Electric, a local utility provider, and replaced Karen’s heating unit. This replacement was also sponsored by The CARES (Community Assistance Resources for Energy Savings) Program. The CARES Program provides an incentive to enhance the weatherization and energy efficiency services provided to its retail members by the Kentucky Community Action Agency network of not-for-profit community action agencies. KCEOC Weatherization Crew also installed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in Karen’s home. They sealed duct work around the home, replaced the refrigerator due to poor condition and door air leakage and installed insulation.

“I feel like I’ve won the lottery” Karen said after receiving help from KCEOC’s Weatherization Program. “I’m so relieved to have this program’s assistance. It’s awesome for this area to have a program like Weatherization for people who need it.” After KCEOC’s help Karen no longer has to worry about keeping her home warm, for her daughter, grandchildren, and herself. Her utility’s expenses have also dropped by an average of $50 a month since receiving assistance through the Weatherization Program. Karen says she’s very thankful for the help and would refer others in need to seek help from KCEOC in the future.

If you would like more information about KCEOC’s Weatherization Program please call Angie May at (606) 546-3152 to set up a Weatherization Appointment and see if you and your family qualify for our Weatherization Program.

KCEOC accepts and processes applications from housebound applicants.