Juanita Peters- Weatherization

Juanita Peters was born and raised in Knox County. Juanita married her husband Bert in August of 1967. Juanita and Bert had a son and one granddaughter. Juanita stated Bert started building the home in 1999. Soon after he was diagnosed with cancer and this made it hard to complete a lot of work that needed to be done. Juanita said although it took time to finish the home that Bert was determined and looked forward to the day they would move in. After 40 years of marriage Juanita became a widow. Soon after the passing of her husband Juanita would experience the loss of her only child. She stated she now only had her granddaughter who lived with her. “Without her I don’t know how I would’ve made it” Juanita stated.

Juanita noticed that her utility bills were getting higher and her home was harder to heat. Juanita was a volunteer through the Goodwill Program and was placed at KCEOC to volunteer. It is there that she learned about the Weatherization program. Juanita decided to call and check the qualifications for the program and found that she was eligible. Juanita scheduled an appointment and applied for the program. Juanita said she was placed on the waiting list and was surprised when she received a call from the evaluator.

When asked about the condition of her home, Juanita replied “It was in bad shape and needed a lot of work done.” Juanita said she was very thankful for the program. “I go out and look at the furnace and think this is GOD’s work,” Juanita commented. Juanita received a new heating system, weather stripping around the doors and windows, insulation and ventilation in the attic. They also replaced carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms and sealed air leaks. Juanita was surprised to find that they even replaced the lights with energy efficient lights all throughout the home.

The energy audit prior to the completion of weatherization showed a blower door reading of 1860. The post inspection blower door reading was 713. This ensured the home had been well weatherized and was more energy efficient. Mrs. Peters states she knows now that she and her granddaughter will be safe and warm.

Juanita concluded “I am very thankful for the program. The crew went way beyond what anyone else would have done for me.”