Jonathan Stacy Hoskins - KY Career Center

Jonathan Stacy Hoskins has always wanted to support his family. After a frustration and exhaustive search for a job that could provide a living  wage for him, his wife, and two children, Hoskins found himself in the KCEOC WIOA KY Career Center. Hoskins was continuing his job search utilizing the resource room found at the KY Career Center by looking for job openings online.

Jacqueline Pillay, a Career Advisor for KCEOC, saw Hoskins and decided to talk to him about our Job Clubs program. The Job Clubs program is one in which helps participants create a job search game plan. It helps with connecting with quality employers, teaches self-marketing and interviewing skills, and creates a culture of support from fellow job seekers and workforce professionals. However, after speaking with Hoskins, Pillay found out that Hoskins really wanted to obtain his CDL license and felt that would be his best opportunity to support his family, but he was unable to afford the training on his own.

Hoskins and Pillay continued to discuss opportunities in the area for CDL drivers and how it could provide a salary to support his family. Pillay informed Hoskins about some services available to folks in his situation offered through the Adult Program at the KY Career Center. Once Hoskins was determined eligible for the program, Pillay and Hoskins discussed schools in the area that would be the closests commuting distance for him that offered CDL training. In the end, Hoskins decided to attend the Career Development Center in London, KY.

Hoskins was enrolled and after a two week training program, he passed his test and received his CDL license. In just a few short weeks after obtaining his license, Hoskins was able to obtain employment with England-Cosair where he has now been for over three years. Hoskins said that he is very pleased to be earning a sustainable living wage that allows him to support his family. “I love my job and the benefits that it provides for me and my family” Hoskins said. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity that the KCEOC KY Career Center has provided for me.”

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