Jennifer Snyder- Summer Feeding

The Summer Feeding Program provides meals for children 18 and under during the summer months while they are out of school. The nutritious meals are provided to ensure children have meal replacements. The program has mobile routes throughout Southeastern Kentucky. Our participants are grateful for the program and service our Summer Feeding funds and workers provide.

Jennifer Snyder, the grandmother of a four year old boy and a two year old girl who participate in the program, expressed her appreciation and how much it helps the children and families. She babysits her grandchildren, and they have been participating in the program for the past four years. 

Snyder described the program as a positive influence on the children. She said, “It teaches the children manners, cleanliness, appreciation, and respect for others. They learn to say thank you, wash their hands, as well as table manners. Also, it gets the children and adults to interact with one another and become friends, which we have done this summer.” 

Snyder is disabled and the program benefits her physically and financially. The program provides two meals a day to the children, breakfast and lunch, and a snack. This saves her money and physically helps her from having to provide the meals. 

She went on to thank the staff that work her route. She said that the workers are wonderful, and have become some of her friends as well. Jennifer said, “I love them to death, and I love the program. They are great with my grandchildren, and the kids love them too.”