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Good Search and iGive

KCEOC’s effort to assist those in need requires creativity when it comes to raising funds for our programs. One of the easiest ways for you to help us changes lives, is by utilizing a couple of web tools that contribute to us when you use them.


This is a search engine which is powered by Yahoo. By using as your search engine and online shopping mall, every time you search the Internet or make an online purchase at one of their partner merchants, GoodSearch makes a donation to KCEOC. You can put the GoodSearch on your Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Mac toolbar to make searching and giving more convenient.

The process is very simple. Go to and enter KCEOC Community Action Partnership under the “WHO DO YOU GOODSEARCH FOR?” bar. Then, to make it easier in the future, you add GoodSearch to your toolbar. By clicking on “Add GoodSearch to your IE, Firefox, or Mac toolbar,” you can add to KCEOC every time you search.

If you do any online purchasing, GoodShop will help KCEOC also. By listing KCEOC as your charity of choice, any purchases made through will be credited to the Agency. GoodShop lists over 500 merchants, including Barnes & Noble, eBay, Nike, and WalMart, to list a few. Up to 30% of your purchased will be donated back to KCEOC.


Shop online at, and up to 26% of each purchase is donated to your favorite cause. It's free for you and your cause. And with 1770 participating stores, there's something for everyone in the family. When you are thinking of making a purchase, go to and register. List KCEOC as your designated charity, go through iGive to the merchant you are interested in, then make your purchase.

These are simple, but effective ways of helping KCEOC help those in southeastern Kentucky in their battle with poverty.

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