Devin Breedlove - Head Start

Former KCEOC Community Action Partnership Head Start student, and current Junior at Eastern Kentucky University, Devin Breedlove, spent last summer working as an outreach and volunteer coordinator for the London Ranger District Office. The anthropology major graduated from Clay County High School in 2014, but began her academic career at KCEOC’s Paces Creek Center. “I remember going to speech class in Head Start to help with my lisp. I also remember refusing to nap at nap time, and helping my teacher get lunch ready for my classmates.”

As mentioned, Devin is an anthropology major at Eastern Kentucky University and says she started becoming interested in the subject in 8th grade. However, she says she fell in love with the anthropology during her senior year of high school, “My love for it definitely showed my senior year when I took anatomy, and that is where my academic abilities sky rocketed.” Devin said she never thought she would end up minoring in psychology either, but she was convinced to enroll in a psychology class with a friend and has loved it ever since, too.

Devin loves the outdoors and says some of her other hobbies are archery, writing in her “bones” book, and researching more about her future career. “After I graduate college, I plan to attend graduate school; as well as, go on to get my PhD. I hope to one day be the Forensic Anthropologists that the majority of Kentuckians send their evidence to for examination.”

Devin speaks on her time in Head Start fondly. Speaking on former Head Start Teacher and current KCEOC Head Start Education Specialist, Flossie Gibson, Devin stated that “She will forever hold a place in my heart. She was the most kind-hearted woman I have ever met, and she never hesitated to help me when needed.” With her ambitions set high and goals within her grasp Devin - like many of us - wishes she could go back to being young “There are many days where I wished I could go back to those days and enjoy them now just as much as I did back then, but I will forever cherish the memories made at the KCEOC Paces Creek Center.”

We would like to congratulate Devin for everything she has accomplished so far and everything she will in the future. We are proud to say we were able to be a part of Devin’s academic career, and we will be cheering for her on all the way to her PHD and after.  Keep up the hard work, and good luck!