Danielle Damron- P2P

Danielle Damron, a KY Career Center Jobsight participant, had been down a beaten path and not sure what to do or where to turn next.

Before coming to the Career Center Danielle was on unsupervised probation for a felony charge of Flagrant Non-support. Because of the criminal charge it made it difficult for Danielle to find a well-paying job. Also, she had no transportation to and from work so she was limited to positions in downtown Corbin, KY. She worked for a factory for a little over a year, which she would walk 10 miles to get to each day. But because of too many late write-ups because of her commute she was let go from her position.

Unemployed, Danielle went to sign-up for unemployment. She went to what she thought was the Unemployment Office only to find out it was now the KCEOC KY Career Center Jobsight in Corbin. Danielle explained her situation and the trouble she was having and the Career Advisor at the Jobsight asked Danielle if she had heard of the Paths 2 Promise program. Danielle had not and she was given information about the program and filled out paperwork for the program the same day.

Through the Paths 2 Promise program Danielle received grants to attend college at Somerset Community College where she is going to obtain a certificate in Medical Billing and Coding. The program paid for her tuition, books, and school supplies. Also, she received $200 a month to pay for gas and transportation.  As appearance is a factor in finding a job, the program gave a voucher to Danielle to have her teeth pulled and receive a pair of dentures to enhance her chance of receiving employment.

During the semesters while attending college Danielle would do work study at Assured Medical Billing, LLC in Corbin. This was her sole income, and she was concerned in the beginning about what she would do during semester breaks. The Career Advisor enrolled Danielle in the Work Experience Program where Danielle was able to maintain her job at Assured Medical Billing, LLC year round.

The Career Center, along with a Somerset Community College employee, would work with Danielle to make sure the classes she enrolled in would count toward her certificate, help her enroll and register for classes, and guide her through the Paths 2 Promise program.

When asked how the program changed her life Danielle said, “Not only has the program helped me improve my education, but the program has helped me to set an example for my children, and show them that anyone, no matter their past, can change their future. That if there is a will then there is always a way. To never give up on themselves and let this world beat them down and keep them down. The program has given me back not only my self-confidence, but also my sense of pride in myself.”

Now, because of the program and her hard work, Danielle is nearing the completion of her certificate. Once she obtains her certificate she will become a full-time permanent employee at Assured Medical Billing, LLC.

Danielle ended with saying, “I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who works for any of the programs that have helped people like me to find good employment and helped them obtain the experience, skills, and knowledge people need for their job security. I am so very thankful to have found out about these programs and for getting to participate in them. Thank you from the deepest parts of my heart”