Dalton Ferguson & Matthew Smith - Out of School Youth Program

Dalton Ferguson and Matthew Smith both knew they wanted a career that they could be successful in and would allow them the opportunity to work outdoors. Although both Dalton and Matthew had learned about the KCEOC KY Career Center in different ways – Dalton through his high school librarian and Matthew through family members – each young man ended up at the Career Center looking for assistance.

Dalton and Matthew were enrolled in the KCEOC Out of School Youth Program with KCEOC Career Advisor Ali Hill. Matthew and Dalton had decided that working as linemen would be the best option for them, as it was a sustainable career and it kept them from being forced indoors all day. They met with Hill and were given assessments to determine if their career choice would be a good fit for them. The young men were also given one-on-one career counseling where they were provided with information related to the duties of linemen, skills required for the job, job outlook and general wage information related to linemen positions within the region.

Together with Hill an employment plan was created for both Dalton and Matthew. Through the Out of School Youth Program KCEOC was able to assist both of them with enrolling in Somerset KCTCS’s Linemen Training Program. KCEOC was also able to assist financially with the cost of tuition, mileage to and from the training, and the purchase of required supplies (these services are provided on an as needed basis, and as budget allows).

In February of this year, both Matthew and Dalton began their 8 week training. Dalton and Matthew both successfully completed the training and obtained their Lineman Certification in April. Dalton was able to find employment in May with Matthew finding a job opportunity just a few weeks later in June. Both are currently employed Bowlin Energy as linemen.

At the time of writing, September 2017, both Matthew and Dalton are in Florida assisting in restoring power to those affected by Hurricane Irma.

All of us here at KCEOC and the KCEOC KY Career Center are very proud of these young men for their hard work, accomplishments, dedication, and selflessness in the assistance they provide not only locally, but also in areas of need.