Crisis During a Pandemic

Fear and anxiety have reached new levels during this pandemic no one can deny that. When imagining a nationwide crisis, earthquakes, tornados, wild-fires, terrorist attacks, war, and now COVID-19 all come to mind, but when KCEOC Community Action Partnership thinks of crisis, we see the faces of poverty stricken families; those vulnerable of going hungry, those starving, those that are abused, victimized, trafficked, those struggling with addiction, the homeless population who have no place to lay their head at night, and the lonely senior citizens wondering how why no one has come to visit. We see the forgotten, the forsaken, we see the invisible- we see people whose everyday is a crisis.

For those that say to us, “I was already hungry and scared, the pandemic didn’t change that for me,” “being homeless and struggling I already knew graduation wasn’t my reality,” or “I’ve had to choose between food and my medicine for a long time because I can’t afford both.” We know you are strong, and we know our community is resilient! We are honored to serve you and all the people who are getting up every day just trying to survive their own pandemics.

For those people and for all of you, we’re here to help! We have expanded a number of our programs (Li-Heap, Summer Feeding, senior meal delivery, etc.) to serve our community; we have room in our shelters, and room in our hearts, if you need help or know someone that does, please contact us! Just Please, Never Lose Hope!

We at KCEOC and Community Action Agencies nationwide are on the front lines each day during all these crisis situations assisting the needs of the communities we serve; we will never forget poverty was the first pandemic.

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