Chris Bonham- Career Center

Christopher Bonham was referred to the KCEOC KY Career Center JobSight by the Family Resource Center staff at his High School in October 2013. Chris was a High School Senior, unemployed with a limited work history, and living with a friend. He had hopes to become a Lineman after graduation.

Chris was determined to be eligible for the In School Youth program that the KCEOC KY Career Center JobSight provides to eligible High School Seniors. Throughout his last year of high school he worked closely with his Career Advisor, Ali Hill. Chris participated in several days of orientation that included a work readiness training component (Fast Forward to Work).  After completion of orientation Chris began participating in the Work Experience component of the program, which allows the clients to be placed with a local employer for 10 hrs. /week for the duration of the school year.

While participating in the Work Experience program and finishing his high school courses Chris worked closely with his career advisor to take the steps necessary to apply for the Lineman Training program at Somerset Community College.  The KCEOC KY Career Center Jobsight obtained special permission to provide tuition assistance and supportive services to help pay for the cost of the Lineman training program for Chris (tuition assistance is not a service usually offered to In-School Youth).  This allowed his career advisor to help with the cost of the DOT physical, purchase of appropriate footwear and clothing, and the cost of attendance for the training.

In May 2014, just weeks prior to High School graduation, Chris received his acceptance letter from Somerset Community College for the Lineman Training program.  He graduated with his High School Diploma on 05/23/2014. Shortly after graduation he was involved in a motorcycle accident and was severely injured .For a time it was unclear if he would be able to attend the program as planned. Thankfully, he recovered and officially began the training in July 2014. Throughout the eight week training Christopher received encouragement from his advisor. Together they crafted a professional resume and discussed interview processes to help ensure Chris would find employment after completing the training.

Chris successfully received his certification on 08/28/2014, and began employment with a local cable / utility company on 09/09/15. He is still currently employed full time as a lineman at Bi-Comm Inc.

“He’s made a real good lineman for us. He’s doing a real good job here” Michael Price, Bi-Comm Inc.  says.

“Chris is an excellent example of overcoming obstacles to achieve your dreams and a testimony to the positive impact the KCEOC KY Career Center JobSight programs can have on a client’s future if the client is devoted and willing to work closely with their career advisor.  Chris has great potential and I look forward to seeing the path his life takes now that he’s received his certification and maintained employment.” Ali Hill, Career Advisor.