Chassidy Nolan- Emergency Support Center

 By the time Chassidy Nolen had decided to come to KCEOC for help, she felt hopeless, defeated, scared, and exhausted. Her life, like a lot of ours, had its ups and downs. It just seemed that for Chassidy, however, the downs outweighed the ups. She was in a broken marriage. She lost part of her leg in an automobile accident a few years ago, and hasn’t been able to drive herself anywhere ever since. Her family was growing further and further apart as a result of her apathy towards her relationship. Loved ones became distant, and Chassidy felt like she had nowhere else to go, no one else she felt comfortable asking for help.

Chassidy met her husband in high school. She describes him as being athletic and good at every sport. “He still holds a lot of records there” she explained. The high school sweet hearts would soon marry after graduating. The two of them would go on to have three children together and Chassidy began growing more and more dependent on her husband. “I depended on him for everything - emotionally, financially, everything, especially after the car accident.He drove everywhere, I was scared to. I haven’t really driven since then.”

Things soon began to change for Chassidy and her family. Her husband began abusing drugs and it wasn’t long before he was addicted. Chassidy decided to stay with her husband, however, hoping he would beat the addiction and things could go back to the way they were. They didn’t, and Chassidy’s extended family weren’t happy, “they thought I was his cheerleader, that I was okay with him doing drugs.”

Chassidy’s relationship with her husband got even worse. “It became poisonous” she explained. “It was abusive, and I felt trapped. I didn’t know what to do.” Because of her disability, Chassidy felt she would just be adding to her family’s problems if she went to them for help. She feared they would just see her as another burden.

Chassidy was defeated, “I had nowhere to go.  I just needed out of the situation.” Chassidy soon became desensitized to her husband’s drug abuse and had accepted their life now, “I needed support, for someone to tell me I could do better.” Chassidy fell into depression as a result of her husband’s drug abuse. “I would just stay in the house all of the time” she recalls. “I’m a people-person, a big talker, so staying cooped up was hard for me.”

After a 19 year marriage, many years of abuse, bouts of depression, losing the trust of her family, Chassidy decided she needed to get help. She had learned through the community that KCEOC Community Action Partnership had a homeless shelter. “I just looked for the phone number in the phone book. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just knew I had to get out.”

Chassidy and her