Cathy Adams- Weatherization

Cathy Adams originally from Cincinnati Ohio moved to Knox County when she was a child. Ms. Adams made a home for herself and two daughters in Knox County. She now has four grandchildren that enjoy spending nights at grandmas. Cathy started having issues with her HVAC system not working properly, her doors were also in bad condition causing her difficulty keeping her home warm. As the winter months approached she was no longer able to keep her grandchildren in concern of them getting too cold. Cathy had received Weatherization services in 2012 and was led back to KCEOC for help once again. “I didn’t know if I could even qualify for the program again, but I knew I needed help from someone.” Cathy stated without help she felt like she would not be able to keep her home.

When asked about the condition of her home, Cathy replied “It was in bad shape; by the time I applied I was in need of a heat system and ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom.” Cathy said she was very thankful that she was eligible for the Weatherization program, “without the program I don’t know what I would’ve done.” Cathy said they had to seal the windows, weather strip and replace the door frame. They also replaced carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms and sealed air leaks.

The energy audit prior to the completion of weatherization showed a blower door reading of 1819. The post inspection blower door reading was 1340. This ensured the home had been well weatherized and was more energy efficient. Ms. Adams states she can now keep her grandchildren in her home again and know that they are safe and warm.

Cathy concluded “I am very grateful for everything the program did; the men that worked here did a real good job. They were some of the nicest people I’ve met. It’s hard to name all that was done or to express my gratitude. I thank them all and wish the highest blessings on them and the program.”