Bethany Baker- Youth Spotlight

Youth Program Participant

Grade :12

School Attending : Knox Central

KCEOC Program Participating in : In School Youth Program working at Southern Tanz

What has been the biggest benefit of participating in the program for you?

I feel like this is maturing me. It’s showing me what the real world is about.  Since I’m about to graduate and go off to college, I need something to show me. Before work, I wasn’t doing anything and now I’m doing something. 

What is your favorite part of the program? 

Going to work and the pay checks is good

Would you recommend this program to others? Why or Why not? 

It is a very good program to mature in.  If you’ve never had job experience and you fill out job applications, no one will hire you; no one ever hired me.  Then I went through you guys and so I feel like you are helping us to get experience; ready for a real job

Future Goals : 

Graduate high school, go to college to be a dentist and keep working here at Southern Tanz