AmeriCorps Student Group Supports KCEOC’s Emergency Support Center

AmeriCorps Partners in Education students from Knox Central High School support KCEOC and donate to KCEOC Emergency Support Center!

The AmeriCorps student group visited the KCEOC Emergency Support Center and took a tour of the facility. During their tour they learned about the programs, services and operations of the Emergency Support Center.

The AmeriCorps Program provides students with resources, mentoring and special projects. Projects include financial literacy education, college and career workshop planning, family engagement programs and service learning development. Students are also engaged in completing community projects in their communities.

Kathy Gray, AmeriCorps Knox PN Site Coordinator, organized a needs drive for the KCEOC Emergency Support Center, which was held over a week. The value of the items was over $200, and the items will be used as housewarming kits when clients and families move into the Center or out of the Center into permanent housing.

Items donated to the Emergency Support Center included:

Towels and Washcloths Sheet Sets Fitted Twin Sheets

Pillows and Pillowcases Blankets Comforters

Baby Diapers Size 3 and up Shampoo Soap/Body Wash

Lotions Baby Pacifiers Feminine Products

Hair Brushes

Shawn Bingham, KCEOC Community Services Director, said, “The Shelter program is very thankful. We appreciate the support from these students, the community and the AmeriCorps programs." He continued, "The items will aid our homeless population in their goals to find permanent housing and are much needed, especially when they find a new home.”

Thank you AmeriCorps students for supporting the Emergency Support Center, and your hard work to help KCEOC succeed for our clients.