Alishia Mills- Youth Program Participant Spotlight

KCEOC Program Participating in : In School Youth Program

What has been the biggest benefit of participating in the program for you?

The biggest benefit for me would have to be that I finally realized what I wanted my career to be. I was placed in a job that was very different than what my major was. I was open minded and gave the job and law field a chance. I soon discovered that I enjoyed law more than I ever had nursing. Now I'm on the right track to something I will love doing for years to come.

What is your favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program was having a career advisor. My advisor's name is Ali. Ali is not just someone who makes sure I am going to work and doing my job but she is someone I can talk to and solve any problem I have with. Ali has supplied me with so much information about my new major and how to reach my goal of becoming a paralegal. Ali gave me interview tips, showed me how to present myself, and how to make a resume. Now I know everything there is to know about getting a job. I'm more prepared than I ever could be. She's the best!

Would you recommend this program to others? Why or Why not?

Yes I would! This program has made me ready and confident to face any job I could want to do. This program will help you discover what is the best fit for you.

Future Goals :

My future goals is to finish college and become the best paralegal I could be. I want to help people just as this program has helped me.