Advertisement for Contractor Applications

KCEOC Community Action Partnership, Inc. is accepting contractor applications at their main office, located 7 miles North of Barbourville on Hwy 25E. Any contractor wishing to apply for our contractor pool must be registered and in good standing with SAM.GOV, have preset amount of liability insurance, and must carry workers compensation. Applications will be accepted through August 31, 2022 at said office.

A meeting with the housing department either by phone or in person or at a pre-determined location and time must take place. The type of work immediately needed to listed below:

1. Earthwork

2. Masonry

3. Electrical


5. Plumbing

6. Flooring

7. Guttering

8. Roofing

9. Drywall

10. Insulation

11. Painting

All potential contractors must complete a Contractor Data Sheet and attach required documentation. Plans and Contractor Data Sheets may be picked up at KCEOC's main office, or upon request, may be emailed. Applicants should contact Steve Partin at or by calling 606-595-3209, if a mailed copy of the forms is required or if you have questions regarding the application process.

The agency reserves the right to waive any informality or to reject any or all contractors.

Attention of contractors is particularly called to the requirements as to conditions of employment to be observed and minimum wage rates to be paid under the contract, Section 3, Segregated Facilities, Section109 and Executive Order 11246 and Title VI

All applicable local and international building codes, ordinances and zoning ordinances must be followed. All contractors must also meet Kentucky State Building Codes and all applicable BOCA, CABO, and the Model Energy Codes. All of KHC minimum design codes and requirements shall be met and or exceeded.

KCEOC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides Fairs Housing opportunities. Minority, Women, and Section 3 owned business enterprises are encouraged to bid. To find out if you meet Section 3 owned business requirements, please contact Jennifer Smith at 546-3152.