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2023 K-Count

The K-Count is a “point-in-time” count of persons experiencing homelessness on a single night in Kentucky. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires the count as a condition of funding for its homeless service programs and to provide information to Congress on the state of homelessness across the country. Every year, Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) conducts the K-Count to monitor the homeless situation in Kentucky. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires such a count every other year, but KHC believes it best serves the people of Kentucky to conduct this count yearly. The K-Count acts as a "snapshot" of homelessness on any given night in Kentucky. This year's event was held January 25, 2023. KCEOC Community Action Partnership, as a member of the national poverty fighting network, participates in the K-Count every year. "We owe it to the people experiencing homelessness in our community, to not simply be "counted" but to know that they "count." The K-Count is an important way to bring awareness to the plight of people experiencing homelessness in Kentucky, as we work to dispel myths about how homelessness occurs. The K-Count involves an interview process that gathers information about the conditions that led to homelessness, the common misbelief is that all people have substance abuse issues, but more often than not it is situations that could happen to anyone including medical bills, illness, job loss, death of a provider, or fleeing domestic abuse. " said Jennifer Smith, VP/COO of KCEOC CAP. In addition to performing the count KCEOC CAP also provided outreach supplies such as tents, meal kits, hygiene items, winter coats/gloves, and food cards provided by a grant from the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, and other local donors.

The KCEOC team counted approx. 110 people in Knox County that were the definition of "street homeless" and an additional 24 people that were living in homeless shelters. The official statewide K-Count numbers will be posted on KHC's website when available.

KCEOC CAP would also like to thank all the employees, volunteers, and community partners who worked tirelessly to serve their community during the 2023 K-Count.

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