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2023 Community Needs Assessment

KCEOC Community Action Partnership is issuing the 2023 Community Needs Assessment Report. The purpose of the report is to identify the needs of the Knox County community and to develop strategic programming and service provision to alleviate poverty in the local community.

The Community Needs Assessment is conducted annually to examine systematic poverty and the needs associated with it. The goal is to meet the needs of the local community by bolstering current services or implementing new programming.

Information for the report was gathered from KCEOC Community Action Partnership Board

Members, Clients and staff; Knox County Community Members, Public and Private Sector

Representatives, Educational Institutions, Local Politicians and Local Civic Groups and Clubs.

If you have any questions, please email or call our Community Services Director at (606) 546-3152 ext. 0303.

The Community Needs Assessment report can be accessed by clicking here.

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