Opportunity for Youth

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Opportunity Youth offers a community-based approach that provides essential life skills, work skills, training, career coaching and support services for young people aged 18-24 who have dropped out of school or are out-of-school disengaged from the workforce and education system, involved with the criminal justice system, recovering from substance abuse disorder, experiencing homelessness, pregnant or parenting, aging out of foster care, or just needs additional assistance to complete an educational program to get employed and begin a path to a career. 

A key focus of this program is to give young people a hand up by providing them with training, continuing education and career development tools to enter or re-enter the workforce. Meaningful employment and the chance for career development are critically important to “build our communities back better” ensuring that our young people who have barriers to education and employment have the opportunity to thrive. Investing in our young people increases Eastern Kentucky’s workforce and gives these young people the chance to lead happy, healthy and successful lives. 

What support will I receive?

Career planning

Obtaining employment

Training opportunities

Program Specifics

  • Opportunity Youth is designed to up-skill participants to ensure a successful entry or reentry into the workforce.

  • Participants can receive an array of career development and employment services, including:

  • Paid work-experience to connect you with the right employer

  • Paid on-the-job training allowing employers to know you are the best person for the job

  • Paid short-term training tuition assistance allowing you to get a specific skill that makes you more marketable in the workforce

  • Skill development to overcome barriers to employment including resume writing, interviewing skills and more

  • One-on-one career advising when you just don’t know what job or career is right for you

  • Supports in the form of financial assistance to remove barriers to employment including daycare assistance, housing, transportation and more

  • Job Placement

Must meet federal guidelines. Paid services based on funding available.

Contact WIOA office at 606-546-2639 to help determine eligibility.