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Minor Home Rehabilitation
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Home Repairs may be made within the scope of services allowable per KCEOC funders and the amount of funding available.  They include, but may not be limited to, the following:

- Issues Affecting the Structure (e.g., roof, ceiling, walls, floors)

- Issues Affecting Access (e.g., stairs, rails, porches, walkways)

 - Issues Affecting Space and Security(e.g., adequate bedrooms/bathrooms, and the security and privacy of each)

- Issues Affecting Interior Air Quality (e.g., ventilation, air pollutants)

- Issues Affecting Water Supply (e.g., adequate hot /cold-water supply)

- Issues Affecting Thermal Environment (e.g., working heating source)

- Issues Affecting Sanitary Facilities (e.g., at least one bathroom/sanitary facility)

- Issues Affecting Illumination and Electricity (e.g., adequate lighting, sufficient electrical sources, electrical hazards)

- Issues Affecting Food Preparation (e.g., means of refrigerating and cooking food)

- Issues Affecting Sanitary Conditions (e.g., pest infestations, other health-endangering filth)

- Issues Affecting Fire Safety (e.g., smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors)

- Issues Affecting Accessibility (e.g., wheelchair ramps, bathroom grab bars)

Eligibility Criteria

- The homeowner must live in Knox County.

- The home must be the homeowner’s primary residence.

- The homeowner must have ownership interest in the land AND the home to be repaired.

- Household gross income are at or below 60% of the greater of either: 60% of Kentucky’s state median family income or 60% of HUD area median income for Knox County.

- Household income limits:

1 person: $27,650

2 people: $31,600

3 people: $35,550

4 people: $39,500

5 people: $42,700

6 people: $45,850

7 people: $49,000

8 people: $52,150

For more information please contact Beverly Isom at or 606-546-3152.

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