INvestments Supporting Partnerships in Recovery Ecosystems (INSPIRE) Initiative

In November 2021, KCEOC Community Action Partnership, Inc. was awarded an ARC INvestments Supporting Partnerships in Recovery Ecosystems (INSPIRE) Initiative grant for the Southeast Kentucky Partnership in Restoration Project. This project will provide work readiness, vocational training, job placement, career services, work based learning opportunities and wraparound supportive services for 60 participants of the Appalachian Restoration Project’s residential and recovery program over the two year grant period. (January 2022-December 2023)

Multiple partners will also participate in this project over the next two years. Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKCTC) will provide vocational and career training in order to prepare participants with secure, sustainable and well-paying jobs in fields vital to local and regional economic growth. Forty local businesses will also partner to offer work-placed learning and employment opportunities for participants.

KCEOC is grateful for the opportunity to serve and partner with those in the community through this project and look forward to the positive outcomes that will come from it as we continue “helping people, changing lives”.

For more information on the Prosper Program call Ali Hill at the WIOA office at 606-546-2639.