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Housing Counseling and Education

Below is a brief description of each specific focus for which counseling and education is available:

  • Pre-Purchase/Home Buying. This includes but is not limited to: readiness to purchase; budgeting and credit; fair housing, fair lending, predatory lending; purchase procedures and closing costs; loan product comparison, selecting a real estate agent; importance of getting a home inspection; and money management.

  • Resolving or Preventing Mortgage Delinquency or Default. This includes but is not limited to the consequences of mortgage default and foreclosure; budgeting and credit; restructuring debt; obtaining re-certification for mortgage subsidy; and establishing reinstatement plans. It may also include help for clients affected by predatory lending; foreclosure prevention strategies; explaining the foreclosure process; providing referrals to other sources; and assistance with locating alternative housing.

    The Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center provides distressed homeowners access to counselors and attorneys across the state. Services include help completing and submitting requests for mortgage assistance to the servicing lender. Fees for services are covered through grant funds at no cost to the homeowners.

  • Non-Delinquency Post-Purchase, including Improving Mortgage Terms and Home Improvement. Home maintenance and financial management for homeowners, including, but not limited to: escrow funds; budgeting; refinancing; home equity; home improvement; utility costs; energy efficiency; and rights and responsibilities of home owners.

  • Locating, Securing, or Maintaining Residence in Rental Housing. This refers to rental topics including, but not limited to: HUD rental and rent subsidy programs; other federal, state, or local rental assistance; fair housing; housing search assistance; landlord tenant laws; lease terms; rent delinquency; budgeting for rent payments; and providing assistance with locating alternate housing.

  • Reverse Mortgage. A reverse mortgage is a mortgage product that pays a homeowner, loan proceeds drawn from accumulated home equity and that requires no repayment until a future time. Reverse mortgages require housing counseling and only by housing counselors certified specifically on this topic.

  • Homeless Assistance. This includes, but is not limited to information regarding emergency shelter; other emergency services; and transitional housing.

For more information please contact Beverly Isom at or 606-546-3152.

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